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Digital Marketing Services By Ketan Nashit

About Ketan Nashit

I am Ketan Nashit- a passionate digital marketer and marketing consultant. I graduated in 2018 from the University of Salford with a master's degree in Global Management.

Since the day I graduated, I spend my time helping companies achieve their digital marketing goals. 

I have worked with 20+ startups and SMEs from countries like the UK, Belgium, Spain and India. My clients now enjoy virality as I have made many of my clients go viral (multiple Million+ organic views) with my strategic social media marketing approach. 

I have built stellar marketing strategies for these award-winning businesses which help them stay on top of their customer's minds. 

Do you need help with meeting your marketing goals? Let's talk!
Ketan Nashit- Digital Marketing Specialist


Client Served


Ad Spend

10 mil+

Organic Views

I bring Results that matter
Social Media Marketing Results For Dosa House by Ketan Nashit
Social Media Marketing Results For Dosa House by Ketan Nashit
Social Media Marketing Strategy for Food City
Social Media Marketing for Restaurant Business
Social Media Marketing Strategy for Businesses

Serving clients all across the Globe

Ketan Nashit serving clients all across the globe

Aaron Fox
Founder at Aaron Fox Law

"I cannot recommend Ketan enough! If you are looking for a marketing consultant, your search has finally ended. Ketan is so smart, resourceful, and humble. Not only is he a great marketer, who knows how to write copy, content, and do all the digital marketing, he is also a great friend. When you work with Ketan, it is more of a relationship than just a contractor. He spends time researching you and your company, to understand all the pain points to better your marketing."

Dr Harshad Godwani

Dr Harshad Godwani
MD at Ashirwad Skin Clinic

"I have been working with Ketan now for 10 months and he is an absolute treasure. He started with my one brand and now, he is handling two. The dedication this guy puts into the work is really commendable. From strategy to content creation to planning to everything else, Ketan knows how to deliver the best results.

Alex Fenton

Dr Alex Fenton
Lecturer at Salford Business School

"Excellent technical skills and enthusiasm combined with a high work rate mean that Ketan has both academic and practical technical skills.


Sophie Steffen
CEO & Co-founder at Kunoichi Growth

"I had the pleasure of working with Ketan as a digital marketing professional specializing in  LinkedIn.He is one of the best in the industry. His expertise in digital marketing is truly impressive, from his understanding of the latest trends and technologies to their ability to execute effective campaigns and strategies. Ketan is a strategic thinker and a creative problem-solver. He is proactive. Never shies away from any challenges and takes ownership."

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