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Ashirwad Resto Cafe

Ashirwad Hotel Logo

Ashirwad Hotel is the only finest restaurant in Dhrol. Their main goal was to increase brand awareness in Dhrol and the nearby region. I have created eye-appealing content, emotion infused captions, relevant hashtags that brought them good awareness and good engagement from followers.

My initial content strategy helped the brand rise from 0 to 200+ followers in less than a month.

Food City

Food City is a famous place in Rajkot consisting of 10+ different food brands under their roof. Food City's main goal was to attract more visitors, brand awareness, and generate inquiries for shops.

Therefore, the content that I pushed was mainly showcasing a good atmosphere, people enjoying the place, famous food brands and amazing decor. I even asked them to share reels which got them 23+ views in the first go.  The brand grew from 900 to 1900+ followers in less than 4 months.

Food City Rajkot Logo

Ashirwad Skin Clinic

Ashirwad Skin Clinic Logo

Ashirwad Skin Clinic had no internet presence. Their main goal was to attract people struggling with skin-related issues. Moreover, they wanted to build a loyal follower base.

I formed a strategy and pushed content that educated people about different skin issues. The page grew from 0 to 700+ followers in just 4 months. The page is now generating a steady stream of inquiries.

Bhaji Pala

Bhaji Pala is an award-winning Indian vegan restaurant based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The page was struggling with poor content, no engagement and importantly, there was no strategy in place.

I worked on forming a strategy, publishing good content and writing effective captions. The page grew from 900 followers to 1400+ followers in just 4 months.

Bhaji Pala Logo

Dosa House

Dosa House Logo

Dosa House is the famous franchise of Jamnagar with more than 7 branches all over Gujarat. Dosa House struggled with no traction, multiple accounts failure and poor posting strategy. When I took the charge, they only had 79 followers.

After 5 months, their follower count stands at 1600+ followers. I got them viral twice, one reel with 1 Mil+ views and another one with 700k+ views.

Mindace Therapy

MindAce Therapy is a mental health startup. The brand had no internet presence. I worked with the founder and understood their goals.

Based on the requirements, I created content that is informative, inspirational, crisp and friendly. It's just one month since we started and one of their reels is trending at the moment with 4k+ views and 100+ likes.

Mindace Therapy Logo
DDR Logo

Delhi Dream Restaurant

DDR is a famous Indian restaurant located in Manchester, UK. The brand struggled with poor posting strategy, no community management and improper brand positioning.

I revamped the content strategy by writing good captions, publishing eye-appealing content, and providing timely responses to customer queries.

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