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Create.  Connect.  Convert.

Because other marketing agencies are too afraid to walk the walk!

Join the league of  successful  brands

Top Digital  Marketing  Agency? Really?

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? What truly makes a marketing agency stand out in the ocean of digital marketing agencies?

It's not the shiny awards they flaunt or the glowing reviews th
ey plaster across their website in exchange for a few Amazon vouchers. No sir, it's the RESULTS.

At Bleqk Media, we don't boast about being the best digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad or the best digital marketing agency in India. Instead, we let our work speak for itself. 

Born out of years of hard work and dedication, we've partnered with over 50 clients to tackle one simple mission: solving your conversion, customer acquisition, and retention problems. We're not here for fluff. We're here to help you make more money, of course, with less BS.

No fluff. Just real,  tangible  result.

We're not in the business of telling you what you want to hear. We're here to tell you what you need to hear. 

We do what's right for your business, even if it means telling you some hard truths. Because at the end of the day, you hire us to help you succeed, not to stroke our own egos.

Our approach? Oh yea. Innovative, downright ingenious digital marketing tactics crafted to help businesses like yours achieve the seemingly unattainable: millions of content views, thousands of leads, and countless conversions.

As we've mentioned from the get-go, we've got the numbers to back it up. No fluff, no filler. Just real, tangible results.


Client Served


Ad Spend

 10 mil+ 

Organic Views

Global clients.  Great results. 

The clientele of Bleqk Media. From India to Europe to USA to Canada.

Bland? Nah.  Bold?  Hell Yeah!

Pop the  champagne  and listen to the client's gossip...

Ketan is a top notch digital marketer and growth marketing expert. As a former Fortune 500 marketer myself, I have worked with or hired dozens of professionals and service providers — Ketan knows his craft better than most. Moreover, he repeatedly goes above and beyond to get your project set up properly, efficiently and effectively. Not many people possess creative, digital and analytical skills; Ketan excels in all three and can be trusted with your brand. A true marketing gem.

 Sheri Allain 
Founder of Codezilla


  • How do I know if my business needs a digital marketing agency?
    If you suspect that your beautifully crafted Instagram posts are only being seen by your wife and that one loyal friend who likes everything you post. If your competitors are zooming past you in the online race while your website gathers cobwebs. If you're still handing out flyers in an age where everyone's glued to their screens. If your Instagram following consists mainly of your friends and their friends. Or perhaps you're spending more time refreshing your email inbox for new leads than actually engaging with customers. It's a time to call for HELP. It's high time to approach a digital marketing agency. We rest our case here, my lord.
  • What sets your digital marketing agency apart from the competition?
    You've been scrolling through your social media feed for what feels like an eternity. Suddenly, amidst the chaos, you stumble upon a post that stops you in your tracks. It's witty, it's engaging, and most importantly, it's about your brand... except you didn't even have to lift a finger. That's how we work. We don't create boring content. We're storytellers. Branding experts, and ads magicians, ALL rolled into one. We take the time to truly understand your brand's unique voice and personality. We write content that not only stops the scroll but leaves a lasting impression. So, while other agencies might stick to the status quo, we're busy rewriting the rulebook. We're not afraid to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and get shit done.
  • Are digital marketing agencies expensive?
    Don't worry. We're in the business of making you more money, not the other way around. Unless you're insisting on flying us out on a private jet to brainstorm over some Italian Pasta and champagne (Not gonna say no), our services are more affordable than you think. Looking for quick wins? Take our 3-month plan. Aiming for steady growth? Take our 6-month plan. Committing to long-term domination? Our 12-month plan is perfect. No matter what growth stage you are, bootstrapped startup or a Fortune 500 company, we offer flexible plans tailored to suit your business, budget, and timeline.
  • We are not a good fit for each other if...
    If you're expecting to wake up the morning after signing with us to find your inbox flooded with, we might not be the agency for you. If you've already penned a 10-page manifesto on how we should run your campaigns, we might not be the agency for you. If you're the type of person who treats us less like a trusted partner and more like a vending machine for marketing miracles, we may not see eye to eye. We believe in collaboration, creativity, and mutual respect. If you're into micromanaging everything from our font choices to our logo placement, it's probably best we part ways. Our best work happens when we're trusted to do what we do best. If that sounds like your cup of tea, let's talk business.
  • How do I get started with your marketing agency?
    Aaahh the best decision. Click that blue colored "Contact Us" button. Once you fill-up the form, we'll schedule a virtual coffee date – our treat, of course – where we'll dive deep into your brand, goals, and wildest INTERNET dreams. From there, it's smooth sailing as we create a tailor-made strategy guaranteed for you. So buckle up, buttercup, because we're about to start a journey that will make the social media folks sit up and take notice!

Take your  brand  to new heights

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