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Real  World  Results

Take a close look at our case studies 

1 Million+ organic views for a restaurant chain

Worked with a well-known South Indian restaurant chain and aided them in creating an effective social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Restaurant Table

800,000+ views in less than 6 months on Linkedin

We recently helped a UK-based entrepreneur to create a personal brand on Linkedin. Read how our unique personal branding strategy gained him more than 1,000 followers and connected him with thought leaders people in the restaurant world.

Personal Branding


1500% increase in online reservations for a restaurant 

Explore the transformation of Mumbai to London cafe in this case study. Witness a 1500% surge in online bookings, a 750% increase in engagement, and a remarkable 400% growth in repeat business.

Social Media Marketing


80+ Franchise Inquiries and 700k+ organic views with 0 spend

Successfully assisted a restaurant chain in attaining a remarkable milestone of over 750K organic views. These views had a resounding impact as they brought in over 80 franchise inquiries, creating a phenomenal level of interest in the restaurant's brand.

Social Media Marketing


Reduced CPL from €85 to €25 for an Edtech startup

Our comprehensive approach enabled the startup to enhance its performance marketing efforts, generate more leads, and ultimately achieve its goal of scaling its pipeline.

Performance Marketing

Image by James Harrison
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