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Dosa House, a South Indian restaurant chain, has expanded its presence beyond Gujarat with over 6 branches. The restaurant offers a delectable menu including savory dosas, fluffy idlis, Indo-Chinese fusion, authentic Punjabi cuisine, and much more to tantalize your taste buds.


Starting a brand from scratch is never easy, and for this particular brand, it was an uphill battle from the very beginning. At first, they only had a mere 70 followers on both Instagram and Facebook. For a brand with grand aspirations, this was definitely not the best start.

To make matters worse, their content was unoriginal and uninspiring. It was the same old song and dance: "We have the best dosa in town" or "Our South Indian food is the most authentic you'll ever taste." Not exactly captivating or attention-grabbing.

To top it off, they didn't have any social media strategy in place. There was no plan for engaging with their audience or creating meaningful interactions with their followers. It was as if they were just posting for the sake of it, with no real intention behind their actions.

And if that wasn't enough, their brand identity was virtually nonexistent. The designs looked like they were created by school children, and they didn't match the personality or ethos of the business. It was as if they didn't believe in what they were doing, and that lack of conviction was reflected in everything they did.


In order to engage Dosa House's audience and attract new followers, we developed a content strategy that centered on creating engaging content that resonated with their interests. This involved conducting research to gain a deep understanding of their preferences so that we could tailor content to meet their needs and captivate their attention.

Additionally, we established a cohesive brand identity for Dosa House by designing a logo, selecting colors, and choosing fonts that were consistent across all platforms. This approach ensured that every piece of content had a consistent tone and made it easy for new customers to identify the brand when browsing our social media channels or website.


To increase organic traffic, we leveraged Instagram's new Reels feature, which resulted in a significant increase in views and engagement. As a result of these efforts, we were able to amass over 1,000 followers in just a few months and achieve several viral reels.


By implementing these changes, Dosa House was able to turn the tide and cultivate a devoted audience. The introduction of authentic content struck a chord with their target audience, and their popularity surged. In particular, a viral reel generated over one million views and helped to increase their social media following significantly. As a result, the brand's engagement levels improved dramatically, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategy in connecting with their audience.

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