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Dosa House, the renowned South Indian restaurant chain, has triumphantly expanded its presence beyond Gujarat, with a whopping six branches. At Dosa House, one can experience an exquisite culinary journey with a tantalizing menu that includes savory dosas, fluffy idlis, Indo-Chinese fusion, authentic Punjabi cuisine, and much more.


Dosa House, a brand in the F&B industry, has been struggling to gain traction on social media platforms. Despite consistent efforts to create engaging content, the brand has not been able to connect with its target audience in a meaningful way.


One of the major issues is the lack of authentic and emotional content that resonates with the audience. As a result, the brand's social media presence has been lackluster, and it has not been able to generate the desired engagement, reach, or conversion rates.


The main challenge was to create a social media marketing campaign that addresses these issues, captures the essence of the brand, and connects with the target audience on a deeper level, ultimately driving brand awareness and sales.

Furthermore, the brand's social media marketing efforts have not yielded any significant results in terms of generating inquiries or conversions. Despite investing considerable resources in various social media platforms, the brand has failed to create a substantial impact on its target audience, resulting in a stagnant customer base.


It was evident that the current social media marketing strategy was not producing the desired outputs, and a new approach was necessary to improve the brand's performance on social media. The other challenge was to create a social media marketing campaign that not only addresses the brand's content issues but also improves its overall social media performance by driving measurable results such as increased inquiries, walk-in customers, and engagement rates.


To address the above challenges, we at Bleqk Media devised a social media marketing strategy that focused on creating authentic and emotional content that resonates with the brand's target audience. With this aim in mind, we develop a content strategy that emphasized storytelling, customer experiences, and brand values.

As a personal initiative, we took the lead in creating a content piece that encapsulated the brand's values and emotional appeal. The content was designed to evoke a sense of attachment and connect with the audience on a personal level. We leveraged various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook to promote the content and create a viral buzz.

Within 15 days of implementing our social media marketing strategy, we started to see significant results. The first content piece we created went viral on Instagram. The video received over 728k+ views, generated thousands of likes and comments and was shared widely by the audience. 


The results of the campaign were outstanding. The content piece that went viral received over 728k+ views, and the brand's social media engagement rates skyrocketed. Additionally, the campaign generated 80+ franchise inquiries, resulting in a pipeline of $293K+ in revenue. 

Following this success, we continued to create authentic and emotional content that resonated with the brand's target audience. Our content strategy focused on storytelling and customer experiences. As a result, the brand's social media engagement rates skyrocketed, with the average content views ranging between 10k to 50k+ and going into the millions in some cases.

The success of the campaign demonstrated the power of emotional storytelling and the importance of creating content that resonates with the audience. Our strategy helped the brand overcome its social media challenges and establish a strong online presence, making it a leader in its industry.


With our strategic approach, Dosa House was able to overcome its content and social media marketing challenges, ultimately establishing a strong online presence. This data-driven approach emphasized the importance of authentic content to engage the target audience. The introduction of such content helped to strike a chord with the brand's audience, cultivating a devoted following. In particular, a viral reel generated over 728,000 views, which contributed significantly to the brand's growth and increased social media following. 

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