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The mission of this startup is to address the prevalent issue of gender disparity in the technology industry. As the pioneer international tech school for women, trans, and non-binary individuals (collectively referred to as women+), their primary objective is to facilitate career transitions and enhance the skill set of women+ in the tech industry.

The startup provides comprehensive in-person and live-online bootcamps such as full stack development, data science and project management courses. With a strong global presence, their students and graduates come from over 60 countries, creating a diverse and inclusive community.


The challenge presented to us when we began working with the startup was to improve their performance marketing efforts in order to scale their pipeline. As the startup had a small marketing team, they required external support to enhance their advertising campaigns.

Upon assessment, we found that the startup was running ads on Meta and Google Ads, but their creative messaging was not effectively reaching their target audience. Additionally, their landing page lacked cohesiveness and did not provide a clear and concise call to action.

Another significant challenge that we identified with the startup was its poor copywriting which failed to address the pain points of its target audience, resulting in a costly cost per lead. The startup's copy lacked clarity and failed to communicate the value proposition of its programs, leading to ineffective advertising campaigns and poor lead conversion rates.

Linkedin ads results for an ed tech startup by Bleqk Media


To address the challenges faced by the startup in its performance marketing efforts, our team implemented a range of comprehensive solutions over the course of six-month.

Firstly, we restructured the startup's messaging to speak to its target audience and highlight the unique benefits of its programs, resulting in an improved ad copy that effectively addressed the pain points of potential students.

Secondly, we optimized the startup's landing page to improve its cohesiveness, provide a clear call-to-action, and enhance its overall design. By creating a more user-friendly and visually appealing landing page, we were able to improve the startup's conversion rates and drive higher lead generation.

Thirdly, we optimized the startup's ad creatives for both LinkedIn and Facebook ads to ensure they effectively communicated the value proposition of their programs and resonated with their target audience.

Finally, we implemented reliable conversion tracking methods to enable accurate measurement and analysis of the startup's advertising campaigns, thereby enabling us to optimize the campaigns further and drive even better results.


Our optimization of the startup's advertising campaigns resulted in a threefold increase in student enrollment, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach in generating quality leads and driving conversions.


Additionally, we were able to decrease the cost per lead from 85 euros to 25 euros, resulting in a more cost-effective advertising strategy for the startup. This improvement was achieved through our optimization of the startup's ad creatives, ad tracking, and ad copy, as well as our implementation of reliable conversion tracking methods.

Facebook ads results for an ed tech startup by Bleqk Media
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