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Our client, a successful entrepreneur, owns and operates three thriving restaurants and a couple of other businesses in Manchester, United Kingdom. Despite his success in the restaurant industry, he recognized the importance of establishing himself as a thought leader and building a robust personal brand to elevate his influence in the competitive restaurant scene.


The client faced the common dilemma of time constraints that many busy entrepreneurs encounter. His hectic schedule, managing multiple businesses simultaneously, left him with little time to focus on personal branding efforts. While possessing a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, he lacked the bandwidth to engage in content creation, networking, and building meaningful connections within the industry.


The first and foremost challenge was, that this client had a Linkedin account but was dead for years. In terms of numbers, 8 or more years to be precise. So, the first challenge was to revive the dead LinkedIn account. 

The second challenge was the unoptimized nature of the LinkedIn profile. The absence of a professional cover photo, an outdated headshot, and a headline that did not showcase the entrepreneur's authority and experience contributed to a less-than-impressive online presence.


Our first step was a comprehensive overhaul of the LinkedIn profile. We strategically curated a cover photo that conveyed the entrepreneur's business expertise, incorporated a professional headshot, and crafted a headline that positioned him as an authoritative figure within the restaurant industry. Additionally, we revamped the About section to narrate a compelling journey and highlight key skills.

Recognizing the importance of authentic storytelling, we conducted a session with the entrepreneur. We presented a list of over 50 questions to extract meaningful stories that could resonate with the audience. These stories served as the foundation for our personal branding strategy.


Based on the gathered insights, we developed a personalized branding strategy to achieve the entrepreneur's goals. This involved highlighting his unique journey, showcasing industry expertise, and positioning him as a thought leader in the F&B world. As we have built numerous personal brands on Linkedin, we know what works on Linkedin and what things most resonate with the audience. We leveraged our understanding of LinkedIn's audience dynamics to create posts that resonated with the target audience. 


Within the first month, we crossed over 100000+ views which is already an achievement in itself. Maintaining the momentum, we continued to publish content. Numerous posts achieved viral status, sometimes 50,000+ views each. In just six months, the entrepreneur's content got over 800,000 views, and he gained more than 1,000 followers. Plus, he connected with other thought leaders in the F&B world. It's been quite a journey!

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