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Mumbai to London Cafe is a small and cozy Indian restaurant located in the charming Droylsden area of Manchester, UK. Known for its mouthwatering and flavorful Indian cuisine, this restaurant warmly welcomes the people of Manchester and beyond to savor the taste of authentic Indian dishes.


Running a restaurant is tough. Always demanding, always evolving! But the real challenge? In a town with a hundred other restaurants, how do you make people choose a particular business over all the options out there?


Manchester is no small. A city with 100 different places to eat. Each one is trying to be the best. The challenge is not just about having good food and good service- almost everyone is doing that. The real challenge for us was to make sure Mumbai to London is the one that people remember and want to come back to.

The business lacked a  key differentiator that made it different from the rest. So the second challenge was to present this business in a way that people automatically fall in love with the food, customer service, and overall experience that it provides.


The initial step in our approach was a comprehensive analysis to identify and understand our target audience. Next, we identified areas where the business was already good, food and customer service. Despite having outstanding offerings, we needed to draw people to their doors to experience the excellence firsthand rather than merely claiming to have the best food and service.

To generate awareness about the restaurant, we devised a dynamic social media strategy. Initially, our focus was on making potential customers aware of the restaurant's presence. Subsequently, we shifted gears and strategically shared authentic reviews and experiences from satisfied customers. When you see other people having good times, you must wanna try that place too. That's human psychology and we capitalized on it to win new customers. Sharing real experiences with customers made more people recommend the restaurant to their friends and family. This not only boosted their online presence but also led to more people booking tables through online platforms.


At Bleqk Media, we understand the significance of personal connections. You know how it feels when people make you feel special, right? Every time we reply to a message, comment or review, we make sure customers know that we value them. By making them feel special, we fostered a sense of loyalty and connection. As a result, it contributed significantly to the positive reviews and recommendations the business received.


Our social media marketing strategies have brought some incredible changes in how business is doing online. First off, the number of people booking tables has shot up by a mind-blowing 1500%. 

Moreover, engagement on social media posts has seen a whopping 750% increase. It's a clear sign that the audience is not just stopping by but is actually interested and engaged in what Mumbai to London Cafe has to offer. But perhaps one of the most exciting results is that the business has seen a 400% jump in repeat business. Bulls eye!

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