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7 Best Modern Templates for Personalized LinkedIn Connection Requests!

LinkedIn is a gold mine for professionals. The platform can provide you an insane amount of opportunities no matter who you are, a job seeker, recruiter, entrepreneur, or business owner. However, people are not taking enough advantages to get the most out of the platform.

While sending a connection request, most people send a very generic note like “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” or "Hi, My name is X, please accept my connection request."

These Ineffective Linkedin connection templates not only creates a wrong impression but also increases the chances of getting rejected. People are not taking the time to customize the LinkedIn invitation.

Moreover, by sending default and generic invitation templates, people are purposefully increasing their chances of getting flagged as not worthy. Then what’s the trick to convince people so they gladly accept your connection requests on LinkedIn?


You can customize the connection invitation and make it personalized to get someone to respond to you on LinkedIn. Depending on the circumstances, you can add relevant personalization to those 300 character invitations. If you are connecting with someone you already know, you can add a line that can strengthen the bond.

If you are connecting with someone you don't know, add a line that can make them believe your request is worth accepting. It's that simple!

I have added the top minds (CEO, CTO, Directors, Founders & Co-founders) of industries in my LinkedIn connections with personalized requests. Interestingly, my acceptance ratio stands at a whopping 70%, making me qualified for writing this blog. Moreover, often I come across the questions like,

  • How do I send a personalized invitation on LinkedIn?

  • What should I write in the LinkedIn invitation?

  • Why should you customize your LinkedIn connection invitations?

In this blog, I will explain and provide examples of how to stand out and increase your chances of getting accepted by sending personalized connection requests.

Elements of a Successful LinkedIn Connection Invitation

Depending upon the purpose for sending the request, different types of LinkedIn invitations can be used. However, all invitation messages should satisfy the following criteria:

  • How do you know the person?

The short line about how you know the person will provide a common reason to connect. Describe whether you met at a party, you worked for the same company or you have a mutual friend. A quick introduction of how you know the person will enforce trust and authenticity.

  • Reason to connect?

Even if you don't know the person, you need a reason to connect. Whatever it could be, guidance, help, advice, or information about something. Mentioning the reason to the invitation note will provide credibility to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Benefits

Talk about how accepting connection requests will equally provide benefits to both parties. Whether it is content sharing, knowledge sharing, skill-sharing, or opportunities, a short mention of the benefits will more likely increase your chance of acceptance.

Whenever I send a personalized connection request to my LinkedIn connections, I take these three points into consideration. Not only it helped me to connect with the best minds, but it also helped me to improve my social media game. Here are some examples that you can use to connect with others on LinkedIn:

To Former Co-worker

Hi Nirav,

It was a great time in Google together. Are you too missing our old office coffee banter?

If yes, let's connect and revive some old office memories. BDW, It was my pleasure to be on the same team as yours.



To a recruiter or employer:

Hi Nirav,

I have been following ABC company for a while and I must say, the company's work environment is damn exciting. I see the company is hiring for the XVY position and It'd be great to connect here and then discuss my background further.

PS: Congratulation on the 10 years in the IT industry.

Thank you,


To someone in a higher position:

CEO position is no joke!

Hi Mr. Nirav,

You are in a position that doesn't come easy. With an immense amount of respect, I see that you have an ocean of experience and expertise. There is a lot to learn from you and hence, sending you the connection request.



To content creator or influencer

Hey Nirav,

Your post on LinkedIn Marketing is lit. I always find your posts to be incredibly helpful and thought-provoking. I would like to see more of your content every day and hence, sending you a request.

BDW, from where you get these content creation ideas?



To someone in the same industry:

Hi Nirav!

I came across your posts and I noticed we share similar interests in the marketing domain. I admire you for all that you’ve accomplished. A connection would help me to stay updated with your posts.



To someone in the same company:

Hi Nirav,

We didn't get a chance to interact with each other but I've heard rave reviews about your skills. I'm really eager to work with you so that I can see you in action. See you in the cafe!



To Someone You Admire:

Hi Mr. Nirav,

I’ve been following you for a while and I'm really impressed with what you have achieved in your career. Being a fanboy of your work, I’d love to know about how you started working in the field.

Do you have 10 minutes to spare?



Play with any of these message templates according to the situation and send a personalized connection request. A personalized invitation will not only increase your chances of acceptance but will also create a sound impression within your professional network.

Here are some examples of good customized LinkedIn connection requests that stands out from the ordinary ones.

This image is linkedin customized message to the CEO of traveling company
A Personalized Request to CEO of Traveling Company
An invitation message from fellow Linkedin marketer
LinkedIn Personalized Invitation
Customized message from one my LinkedIn connections
Linkedin Personalized message
LinkedIn Personalized Message

That's all I guess! Build relations at a deeper level by sending personalized connection requests. If you don't know, LinkedIn is a gold mine of opportunities. I have been able to keep my inbox full of job opportunities, freelance gigs, brand deals and speaking opportunities. I have been able to take my income to six figures and all thanks to Linkedin.

If you are a business and looking for someone to handle your social media profile, let's talk! I have been able to generate some stellar results for businesses like yours. Want to stay updated with modern day marketing practices that brings the best results for your marketing effort? Follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter where I daily share the best marketing practices for business like you. That's all for now.

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